My first film blog as the Wombat

Hello, Wombats! This is my first year of film from me. I am Brian from Career and Ed program. I am 16 years old and a student of month for geometry. I am also a triplet. I am interested in the Cherokee alphabet. We’re learning it in Career Ed social studies class. I have learned the process of shooting scenes and being a part of a group. A good group member helps their crew and reliable. So far, I made plenty of friends because my group members are nice to me. My part of the movie was Chester and Oswald chasing Tyf and Randall in the hallway. It is still in production, but entering post-production. Our fruit is the Wombat berry. It is from Australia and in the old days, they used to eat it. I am so excited for the Film Festival in May. I can’t wait to see all the movies especially the Wombat. I will be blogging this week and updating you with the Wombat.

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