Wombat to base camp: I can see the peak

Hello fellow Wombatians.

Tis I, Jimmy Martin (who many of you may know as mimmy), the one you have heard of many times before, writing a blog all by myself for the first time. Honestly, I thought I was gonna make it through the entire production process without having to blog, but I got it for the second to last week. Despite various setbacks, we have done absolute work and are approaching the home stretch. We only need a few more shots here and there, some short music clips, and some editing for the first half of the movie, but I’d say we’re pretty close. I can smell the Wombatianess in the air already.

I write music. That’s what I do. It’s pretty awesome. Ive taken the orchestral route for the most part in this movie, as have many others. There’s a lot of competition for music this year, and I haven’t heard a lot of others (except for the occasional symphony by Brian Hazerjian from across the room), so i’m excited to hear what others have written. We have been exceptionally lucky in that almost every song I’ve made has synced perfectly with its scene without any editing. I don’t understand. It’s not like I plan it out or watch the scene while I do it, it just happens. It has saved us a lot of time though, so I’m not complaining. Outside of that, my only other job is to reel in the music trivs with rachel, but lets be honest, I was the mastermind behind this movie.

So yeah, we have basically taken the advice of the writers and gotten really weird. We lost our original vision for the movie a long time ago, but I’d say it has been for the better. This movie thrives on chaos. Everyone has done their part tremendously and the result is gold. You’re gonna love this movie.

Wombat out.

Last blog for Brian Chiem

Hello Wombats! It’s me, Brian. This is a last day to update the Wombat before Jimmy Martin gets a turn to blog. He acts and makes the music. He is working on the music as I type. Still, we are editing scenes from yesterday. I can’t wait for the Walpole Film Festival in mid May. That’s all, Wombats! See you all later!

Another day for Wombat

Hi! It’s me, Brian Chiem. I am here to update Wombat fans again. We are currently editing. That is when we decide what shots to put in. This is hard because there are so many shots involving close-ups, mid-shots, and wide shots. On another note, my favorite scene is Chester and Oswald holding Tyf up with their arms because they didn’t want Tyf to save the Wombat. It is really funny. ┬áThat’s all, Wombats. I’ll keep you blogging and updating you this week.

My first film blog as the Wombat

Hello, Wombats! This is my first year of film from me. I am Brian from Career and Ed program. I am 16 years old and a student of month for geometry. I am also a triplet. I am interested in the Cherokee alphabet. We’re learning it in Career Ed social studies class. I have learned the process of shooting scenes and being a part of a group. A good group member helps their crew and reliable. So far, I made plenty of friends because my group members are nice to me. My part of the movie was Chester and Oswald chasing Tyf and Randall in the hallway. It is still in production, but entering post-production. Our fruit is the Wombat berry. It is from Australia and in the old days, they used to eat it. I am so excited for the Film Festival in May. I can’t wait to see all the movies especially the Wombat. I will be blogging this week and updating you with the Wombat.