Just Keep Swimming

Hey there, kiddies!

Big things are happening over here! This week we’ve covered a lot of ground! We’re excited to report that last week we filmed in the Dingo’s Lava Lair! HURRAY! It was also the first time that we have had all six characters on set so that’s pretty awesome! With all this great footage we’ve been editing like crazy! Now over half of the film is done. Of course there are problems that arise with scheduling and weather and stuff but it is nothing that the Wombat crew can’t handle! Unfortunately due to the problems with scheduling we had to recast one of our beloved henchmen. Not to worry though, there are no hard feelings and Frankie Welter is super excited to be part of the Wombat Crew (because I mean..who wouldn’t be…) We’ll be sure to keep you posted with all our new developments!

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