Did You Miss Us?


Hello Wombatians,

We are sorry you have been neglected by our poor blogging habits. I am happy to inform you that we are making tons of progress in the positive direction. Boss and Bon have been superb, along with the new addition to our group, B-Sul (Brendan Sullivan), playing the part of Chester. Scenes have been quite funny and our improv ability is maximum. We would also like to give a shout out to Mr. O’Malley, who had a fantastic debut and wowed us with his acting talent; he’s really, really good. Other than that, Mimmy is making more and more Wombasterpieces in the musical world. And, we’re switching to Adobe Premiere!

In other news, the props are amazing! We have both costumes ready to go and TRUST ME, they’re amazing! Plus, as previously pictured, we have a new addition to the crew: WOMBAT BABY! We love him, he is our pride and joy and no harm shall come to him, under any circumstances, EVER! Also, formally announcing: PLOMBAT ALLIANCE! Yes, Wombateers, we two have joined forces for the good of mankind, and now the good people of Walpole High can rest assured, knowing they have a Hall Monitor and a Wombat at the ready to serve and protect.

Well that’s all for now… also there is a two cent bounty in silver bullion for the Dingo’s head, any info will also be rewarded. Stay Tuned guys, more coming soon.

Sincerely, Ross

Dear humble followers,

We would like everyone to know that our movie is moving fast. We are just finishing   up our story boards and are (drum role please) starting shooting next week. Bon and Boss are memorizing their lines and we have gotten our fabulous costumes. Also, some crews have decided to harshly assault us because of a chair! Honestly, what is this childish behavior being displayed by these unnamed crews? Regardless, we are moving full steam ahead.

Best Regards,


P.s. Cloudberry… we don’t negotiate with terrorists