An army of Wombats

Hey Wombats!

Everyone here at Wombat headquarters is working to the bone to get this film going! We have been rolling with the story boards both in class and after school and they are Wombat-tastic! Mimmy (Jimmy Martin) has been grinding out Wombat-beats all week and we are PSYCHED cause they’re literally amazing and you will be blown away, right out of your seat like one minute you’re there and the next you are not. Now I’m rambling but in other news, we had an art direction meeting this Wednesday that went so well, we’re really excited to have such an awesome crew helping us, yes folks we have our own Wombat army! After vacation we are going to be scouting our potential Lava Lair which, although we are not at liberty to disclose the potential location, we believe has the potential to be Wombaterrific. But, just in case, if anyone has any ideas they wanna contribute for locations that would fabulous and you would get as a prize the eternal thanks of a crew that could maybe-possibly-could-happen-probably-not-although-it-could-happen use that location!

Keep it classy, Walpole High! Wombat Out.


Hey everyone! Just a quickie update about whats going on with the Wombat crew. We now have the actors who are going to be playing the two bullies! (Chester and Oswald) Our music composer is also hard at work creating some fantastic scores that I’m sure everyone will enjoy.

That’s all the updates for now! Be sure to check back soon for any more information about the status of the crew!