Wombat Update

Hey party people!

Big stuff happening here at Wombat headquarters, lots of progress this week. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (with the exception of Pcurlz) WE HAVE A DINGO! “But wait… I thought you already had one?” I’m so glad you asked, Timmy! Unfortunately, our original Dingo, Mr. Giblin, is unable to film with us for much of the year, not giving us enough time to really justify this role. However, we got someone of equal swag and talent, someone with mad flow, someone so passionately liberal we believe he could very well be John Lennon reincarnate. Yes, folks, we speak of the legend, the man himself: Mr. Jean.

In other news, we are pulling together all of our shot lists, and both the directors and the art director visions are done. I think we have our Wombat costume, but we are currently in the market for a dingo costume if anyone has any suggestions. Until next time!

Thanks, kids.


Operation Wombat in the Mountains is a go

Wombat air force is starting preemptive strike on filmfest, and ground forces are amassing at the border. Remember, you either die a wombat or live long enough to see yourself become the dingo.

Prepare yourselves,
Ross Bubly (Boss) of the Wombat ❤

We are WOMBAT!

Welcome, friends, to WOMBAT COUNTRY! Yup, It’s an animal, a fruit, a movie, an amazing crew… please it’s a lifestyle. Clearly, we are the best crew in the history of the film festival! We have been in pre-production for about a week now, preparing to make our fabulously ridiculous movie called “The Wombat,” written by John Montaquila and film grads Luke Witherall and Anthony Earabino. Headed by directors Rachel St. Germain and Lambo Lombardi, the Wombats kill it. Stepping up as Tyf and Randall, our protagonists, are newcomer John Barry and the infamous Ross Bubly. As we were having our read through of the screenplay earlier this week, I realized that these two were made for the parts of Tyf and Randall. On Wednesday after school, we had an actors audition where we were hoping to find people to play Chester and Oswald, the two antagonists of the movie. Although we still haven’t found the perfect guys, we won’t give up hope. Our fabulous art directors Bridget Nicholson, Lena Ford and Steph Saba, are currently finishing up their visions. We are still trying to think of how we are going to create the costume for the Wombat, but I have a feeling that it will be insanely awesome. Plus we have a couple others on the force; Jimmy Martin has been working on some amazing beats for the wombat theme song, and Pat Curley… we really don’t know what he’s doing here. So we’re off to the races here, see you on the blogs!

Rach and Jimbo.