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Announcing: THE WOMBAT IS OFFICIALLY DONE! Hurrayyy, we love our film! Also done: bloopers (we actually have 2 versions; one 8 minute version which Mr. Alan took an axe to this afternoon to make the 3 minute version that will play at the wrap party. Although he did cut some of my favorite stuff, its still a hoot and a half.), trailer (amazeballz, see website for details), and all required awards night things. I am so proud of this crew and of this film; I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

This film has a lot of hype behind it. Everyone seems to be looking forward to seeing it at the Festival and I can’t wait for them to see it. We are airing last on Tuesday, show starts at 7 so don’t be late. Awards night is going to be a blast, nominated or not! I hope to see everybody there!

Production time this year has been a blast. I am going to miss everyone so much! I can’t wait to set up my spy network for Lambo, Frankie, Steph, Brien, John and Jimmy, making sure they keep pure the Wombat name. Ross, I’m sure, will be great in whatever it is he does. Stay funny, man. One last enormous thank you to Mr. O’Malley, Mr. Jean, and Mr. Alan, without whom this film would not have been possible. Also to Bino, Witherell and Monty for creating this monster of a script, we had a blast bringing your vision to life.

Alright everybody, see you on the Red Carpet! WOMBAT: OVER AND OUT.


Wombat to base camp: I can see the peak

Hello fellow Wombatians.

Tis I, Jimmy Martin (who many of you may know as mimmy), the one you have heard of many times before, writing a blog all by myself for the first time. Honestly, I thought I was gonna make it through the entire production process without having to blog, but I got it for the second to last week. Despite various setbacks, we have done absolute work and are approaching the home stretch. We only need a few more shots here and there, some short music clips, and some editing for the first half of the movie, but I’d say we’re pretty close. I can smell the Wombatianess in the air already.

I write music. That’s what I do. It’s pretty awesome. Ive taken the orchestral route for the most part in this movie, as have many others. There’s a lot of competition for music this year, and I haven’t heard a lot of others (except for the occasional symphony by Brian Hazerjian from across the room), so i’m excited to hear what others have written. We have been exceptionally lucky in that almost every song I’ve made has synced perfectly with its scene without any editing. I don’t understand. It’s not like I plan it out or watch the scene while I do it, it just happens. It has saved us a lot of time though, so I’m not complaining. Outside of that, my only other job is to reel in the music trivs with rachel, but lets be honest, I was the mastermind behind this movie.

So yeah, we have basically taken the advice of the writers and gotten really weird. We lost our original vision for the movie a long time ago, but I’d say it has been for the better. This movie thrives on chaos. Everyone has done their part tremendously and the result is gold. You’re gonna love this movie.

Wombat out.

Last blog for Brian Chiem

Hello Wombats! It’s me, Brian. This is a last day to update the Wombat before Jimmy Martin gets a turn to blog. He acts and makes the music. He is working on the music as I type. Still, we are editing scenes from yesterday. I can’t wait for the Walpole Film Festival in mid May. That’s all, Wombats! See you all later!

Another day for Wombat

Hi! It’s me, Brian Chiem. I am here to update Wombat fans again. We are currently editing. That is when we decide what shots to put in. This is hard because there are so many shots involving close-ups, mid-shots, and wide shots. On another note, my favorite scene is Chester and Oswald holding Tyf up with their arms because they didn’t want Tyf to save the Wombat. It is really funny.  That’s all, Wombats. I’ll keep you blogging and updating you this week.

My first film blog as the Wombat

Hello, Wombats! This is my first year of film from me. I am Brian from Career and Ed program. I am 16 years old and a student of month for geometry. I am also a triplet. I am interested in the Cherokee alphabet. We’re learning it in Career Ed social studies class. I have learned the process of shooting scenes and being a part of a group. A good group member helps their crew and reliable. So far, I made plenty of friends because my group members are nice to me. My part of the movie was Chester and Oswald chasing Tyf and Randall in the hallway. It is still in production, but entering post-production. Our fruit is the Wombat berry. It is from Australia and in the old days, they used to eat it. I am so excited for the Film Festival in May. I can’t wait to see all the movies especially the Wombat. I will be blogging this week and updating you with the Wombat.

It’s crunch time, baby!

ImageHey everyone! Rachel here, just wanted to give you an update on whats been going on here at Wombat headquarters. We are really close to finishing the filming process, I think we have like 5 or 6 fairly easy scenes to get through, but after that we’re golden! We’ve still got  some scheduling conflicts to work through- and Mother Nature has been undermining us at every turn (Gahhh!!)- but not to fear my friends, the Wombats will not let you down!

In the past few weeks, everyone has really been stepping it up, the actors are so, so good and its really a treat to watch them work. A few weeks ago, we filmed the lava lair scenes at Mr. O’Malley’s house, where Steph really stepped it up working her art direction magic. We worked a lot on the montage shots this week and making up missed shots- these guys are really too funny. Ross Bubly is one of the funniest guys I know and John Barry is a star! Martin’s sound is perfect as always.

In other news, we’ve been a serious contender for music trivs! Jimmy Martin and myself have really been the ones carrying the team, but never count out the others to contribute a few. Our big contenders seem to be Currant, Avocado, Marionberry and Pineapple- but never fear, friends, Wombat does not go down with out a fight! We are also ordering our tee shirts, what I think they’re going to be orange with Navy blue writing. I am so proud of this crew and how this film is coming out and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

That’s all for me, till the next time a crew member forgets to blog.

Lots of Wombat love, Rachel

Just Keep Swimming

Hey there, kiddies!

Big things are happening over here! This week we’ve covered a lot of ground! We’re excited to report that last week we filmed in the Dingo’s Lava Lair! HURRAY! It was also the first time that we have had all six characters on set so that’s pretty awesome! With all this great footage we’ve been editing like crazy! Now over half of the film is done. Of course there are problems that arise with scheduling and weather and stuff but it is nothing that the Wombat crew can’t handle! Unfortunately due to the problems with scheduling we had to recast one of our beloved henchmen. Not to worry though, there are no hard feelings and Frankie Welter is super excited to be part of the Wombat Crew (because I mean..who wouldn’t be…) We’ll be sure to keep you posted with all our new developments!


Hello Wombatians,

‘Tis us, Ross da Boss Bubly and Mimmy. The movie is once again moving forward. We have a ton of sceneage complete man. So far we have only had to deal with thorns, two near death experiences, and parades of hall people. Regardless, we have really begun to dip into editing. Our crew should finish at this rate by the dawn of the ninth fort night over the canyon of the cresent moon. Also, remember superman does good, we do well. 



The Wombat and Bad Grammar